Registration & Certification

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Licensure Methods for obtaining State and County Registration

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State Certification

What is state certification?

When a contractor obtains state certification they possess a certificate of competency issued by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) and are legally able to contract in any jurisdiction within the state without being required to fulfill the competency requirements of that jurisdiction.

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County Certification

What is county certification?

A county license allows a contractor to work in the county in which they were tested. An individual can apply for a license after they pass the county exam. County certification only allows the contractor to perform specified work in their designated county or county of reciprocity. License applications can vary, depending on counties, however, most county applications tend to be complicated and often require an appearance before the board. Accuracy on the initial application is essential for obtaining approval in a timely manner.

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State Registration for Contractors

What is State Registration?

When a contractor is registered with the state they have applied and been granted a license which permits them to contract for a specific type of work only in the county permitted on the registration.

Who is required to be state registered?

Statute 489.513 states that any person engaged in the business of contracting in the state shall be registered in the proper classification unless he or she is certified.

A state certified or registered contractor is required for the following jobs:

  • Roofing work.
  • Any plumbing work that requires a permit or is over $1,000 (total contract)
  • Any electrical item that becomes fabricated into the structure
  • Any additions or major remodeling jobs
  • Major A/C replacement or repair jobs


County Registration for Contractors

State certified and registered contractors are required to apply for an occupational license in the municipality or county they are engaged to contract in. Most counties have regulations that require an applicant to submit certain documents, fees, proof of liability insurance, workers' compensation or exemption, and a statement of bonding.


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