Fictitious Name Registration

You might need to register your DBA - also known as a trade namefictitious name, or assumed name - with the state, county, or city your business is in. Call today and speak with one of our experienced staff members.

Fictitious Name Registration for Contractors

Registration of a fictitious name, also known as a “doing business as” or “dba” name, allows an individual or business to operate under a name other than their legal name, for example: if doing business as a sole proprietorship, or your entity’s legal name, if you have incorporated or otherwise formed a separate legal business entity.

What is the purpose of a Fictitious Name?

States require filing fictitious business names because they help inform the public about who actually owns the company. A fictitious name filing puts its owner's identity on public record and informs the public which individual or business entity is transacting business under a particular business name.

It does not reserve the name, provide rights to the use of the name, or prevent another party from using the name. By statute, more than one individual or business may register the same fictitious name.

  • It allows a sole proprietorship to easily register its business name in order to open a bank account and receive payments in its business name.
  • It allows a corporation, limited liability company or any other legal business entity to operate multiple businesses under different names without forming a separate business entity for each.
  • It allows you to maintain certain legal protections when your business entity does business under a name that is not its legal name.

It’s easy: just call API to get a quote to setup your corporation and fictitious name.

Michelle Motta