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Need a bond? API has you covered. We assist in obtaining Financial Stability Bonds (FSBs) and Financially Responsible Officer bonds (FROs).

100K Financial Responsible Officer Bonds for Contractors

What is a Financially Responsible Officer? Why do I need one?

A Financially Responsible Officer is a person other than the primary qualifier for a company who is responsible for all of the financial aspects of the business. Refer to Florida State 489.1195 (b) for responsibilities assigned to this role.

Construction Industry Licensing Board allows financial and legal responsibility to be reassigned to another party other than the license holder. If the license holder is not an owner or is not willing to take this role, we can submit a 100K Financial Responsibility Application to reassign this role, or we can place an FRO with your company.

Financial Stability Bonds for Contractors.

New State Law Eliminating Certain Bonding Requirements.

Effective immediately, a 14 hour Financial Stability Course will be required for any persons applying for state license with less than 660 credit score.

This is an approved 14 credit hour online continuing education distance-learning course No. 0609899. By taking this Financial Stability Course, you will meet the new state requirements.

Eliminate Certain Florida Bonding Requirements

API offers a Continuing Education 14-Hour Financial Responsibility & Stability Course that will meet new state requirements.

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Surety & Performance Bonds for Contractors

Contractor license bonds are surety bonds that must be purchased by various types of contractors to ensure ethical business practices and compliance with building codes and other applicable rules and regulations established by a government authority. This type of surety bond is commonly required as a condition of a license or permit granted by a local municipality, county, state or the federal government.

Along with insurance, bonding is one step that construction company contractors must take to ensure that their customers are protected.

County & Out of State Bonds for Contractors

County Bonds are based on individual county requirements. Most counties do not require bonds unless you are a state registered county contractor.

Out of State Bonds are based on individual state licensing requirements.

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