Registered Agent Service

All states require a Registered Agent Designation when incorporating your business or forming a business entity within the jurisdiction. Call today and speak with one of our experienced staff members.

Registered Agent Services for Contractors for ALL 50 States

What is a registered agent?

A registered agent is a business or individual designated to receive service of process when a business entity is a party in a lawsuit or summons. In addition, the registered agent's address is where the state will send the paperwork for the yearly renewal of the business entity's charter. Most states require a Registered Agent Designation when incorporating your business or forming a business entity within the jurisdiction.

If you are starting a business or expanding into a new state with a foreign corporation, most states require you to have a registered agent. A registered agent serves as the company contact accepting all correspondence from the state, including any service of process. Authorizing a registered agent is an important and necessary element to legally establishing your business in the state.

New Customer with API?

Are you a new customer and interested in using API as a Registered Agent?

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Existing Customer with API?

Are you a currently a API customer?

We offer secure online payments to renew your Registered Agent Services for one or multiple states.

What's Included:

  • 1 year of registered agent service.
  • Online account.
  • Service of process and ALL documents scanned locally, instantly, and at every local state location. (We're the only one that does this!)
  • Flat yearly price of $150 or lower if multiple states.
  • No forwarding fees.
  • Junk mail is shredded.
  • Same price every year.
  • Instant access to pre-populated forms to file with the state(s) you choose.

Your company name and email are stored in our secure database. We track your compliance due dates by syncing state databases, giving you a summary in your account, and sending you email reminders to make your filings on time. We don't stop there. We give you the resources to make the filings yourself, instead of charging you like other agents do. If you're doing work in multiple states, or even just one, you'll love this service. You don't have to worry about us charging your credit card automatically, or even keeping your credit card info. Check out our billing reviews compared to other registered agent companies. We have zero complaints.

Advantages of designating a third-party registered agents:

  • As the Registered Agent name and address is one of public record, generally, the registered agent legal address will be the one listed in all official public documents.
  • An outside Registered Agent allows business entities to freely change their location at any time, without being required to file costly changes of address within the state they are registered each time they move.
  • Designating a third-party registered agent allows the business owner to travel without the risk of a default judgment because of documents not received.
  • Commercial registered agents generally have systems to keep track of filing, notification and publishing requirements of business entities which can save businesses hundreds or even thousands of dollars in late penalties were they to miss a required government filing. These are referred to as "Compliance Managers", "Tax Calendars" and/or "Compliance Calendars".
  • Generally most commercial service providers have "Form Libraries" of forms and other documents required to file business entities in different jurisdictions or to keep the business entity in compliance or "Good Standing".
    Some commercial registered agents provide real-time notice of any litigation, and forward all official documents directly to the companies they represent.
  • Having service of process delivered to a company's primary place of business can spark rumors among customers and employees. Designating a separate address for receiving service of process avoids this issue for the registration process.

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