Nationwide Contractor Licensing

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How to obtain a Out-of-State Contractor License?

API has successfully obtained licensure in many states throughout the country. Every state has its own set of experience and education qualifications that applicants must meet in order to obtain a license. Some states require an exam while others offer a License through Reciprocity. Obtaining a license through reciprocity allows an applicant licensed in one state to qualify for an exam waiver in another state. However, certain conditions must be met and not all states allow reciprocity.

State by State Contractor License Requirements

Each State has its own rules and regulations regarding contractors and the contractor licensing requirements. Some states administer different contractor license examinations, while others accept the same. Given the complexity of the contractor licensing process from state to state, the team at API has devoted their time and resources to simplify this process for you.

Our streamlined, trusted process is one that will get you licensed quickly and efficiently. We take great pride in knowing each state’s process and requirements so that we can deliver timely and effective results!

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States Accepting NASCLA

While almost every state requires an applicant to take their Business and Law Exam, a passing score on the NASCLA will eliminate the necessity to take a trade exam from any state agency accepting NASCLA.

States Accepting NASCLA

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