Florida Contractor License

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Florida Contractor State Licensing & Application Processing

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Florida has two types of Contractor Licenses:

1. Registered Contractor License

A registered contractor can only perform work within the city or county that issued the contractor license.

2. Certified Contractor License

A certified contractor is certified by the state and is allowed to work anywhere in the state of Florida on any type of construction project specific to their license type.

API handles the entire process to apply for a Certified Contractor license

These are a few of the steps required.

  • Age - The applicant must be at least 18 years old to qualify
  • Experience - Provide proof of construction experience, including work as a foreman, workman and/or a construction related education.
  • Exam - A two day open book exam that tests your financial skills and your knowledge in the construction trade
  • Fee - A fee specified in the application payable to the Department of Business and Professional Regulation
  • Supporting Documents - Request a credit report from any of the 3 major credit reporting agencies; API is a state approved agency
  • Application - Contact us to help with the application process

API provides assistance with License applications in Florida.

At API, our company understands how confusing and overwhelming state licensing laws and procedures can be. The state license application often requires specific knowledge and resources to accurately provide the necessary information. Numerous applications are constantly denied because of mistakes on the application or in the required documentation.

Let the Experts handle it!

Call today and speak with one of our experienced staff about your licensing needs. API has been providing assistance for thousands of clients within the licensing industry, API has the knowledge and resources to handle all of your needs.

API Prepares and process contractor license applications for:

  • Initial Certification
  • New Businesses
  • Additional Business
  • Transfers
  • Re-Activations
  • Endorsements
  • Grandfathering

As a client of API, you will receive the benefit of personal one-on-one attention from our experienced professional staff; licensing expertise that is unmatched in the industry and our commitment to your satisfaction and licensing goals.

Our company also provides other business services to help establish your company. Call today for a free consultation to get your Florida Contractors License.


Our Florida Construction Licensing Services are the best of the best! We work quickly and efficiently to get your contractor’s license approved in record time. Our streamlined system and personalized service takes the complexity and stress out of the application process! Whether you have already attempted an application or you are applying for the first time, we are here to assist!

Our Services Include:

  • Work experience review and verification.
  • Discuss career goals and align those with the appropriate DBPR application.
  • Obtain DBPR approved personal and business credit reports.
  • Full disclosure of criminal history if applicable.
  • Completion and review of application and all necessary documents.
  • Overnight shipping to the Florida Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR).
  • Monitor application process and address any issues that might arise.

We will help you apply for an individual contractor’s license, attach your license to a business, attach your license to an additional entity, change the status of your license from one business to another, and apply to be the Financially Responsible Officer (FRO) of an organization.

Registered Contractor vs. Certified Contractor

The state of Florida regulates the business of contracting within this state. A Florida contractor licensee submitting an application may be required to achieve “certified” or “registered” status. The distinction between “certified” or “registered” status depends upon the circumstances in which the licensee applicant intends to perform contractor work.

DBPR is serious about prosecuting unlicensed contractor activity. A person suspected of engaging in unlicensed contracting may be compelled to appear before the Board. A person engaging in unlicensed contracting may be subject to a civil penalty, civil sanction, or suffer arrest and conviction for unlicensed contracting. API is experience with any issues that may arise here.